Fortified Provider Network, Inc.


The following represents the most frequently asked questions of our Provider Relations staff.  Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-955-4FPN.



What are the advantages to joining the FPN preferred network?


There are many advantages of utilizing the FPN network.  First, FPN’s healthcare providers offer their services at discounted rates, often far below what is normally charged for those services.  Second, in exchange for the discounted rates, FPN’s agreements with its payor clients mandate that our providers are reimbursed quickly.  Third, as a result of the first two, the patient member’s financial responsibility will be reduced, which may expedite their payment of co-pays and/or deductibles.


Is FPN an insurance company?


FPN is neither an insurance company nor a health plan.  FPN also does not function as a claims administrator.  FPN simply offers the utilitzation of its network to its payor clients (those clients that pay claims) and members who are able to capitalize on the discounted fee schedules FPN has negotiated.


Who pays claims?


FPN has over 200 payor clients nationwide.  Claims are repriced according to your contracted rate with FPN and paid directly from the FPN payor.


If a healthcare provider is having difficulty collecting payment on a claim will FPN provide assistance to resolve the issue?


Yes, our Provider Relations staff will work diligently with both the healthcare provider and payor client to resolve any payment issues.  If you have questions, please call our office or send us an email at


Who should I call if I have a question about a discount taken?


Please call the FPN payor directly (the number of the payor client should be on the back of the member’s identification card) or call the FPN Provider Relations Department at (480) 607-0222 or 1-866-955-4FPN.  You can also send your question to and a representative will respond within 24 hours.   


Who do I call for  patient eligibility, benefits and/or pre-certification?


Please call the FPN payor directly (the number of the payor client should be on the back of the member’s identification card) for questions relating to eligibility, benefits and/or pre-certification.


Can I nominate a healthcare provider to be added to the FPN network?


Yes, FPN gladly accepts and acts upon all submitted provider nominations.  These nominations provide an avenue whereby FPN can better meet the needs of its payor clients and their members.  The simplest way to nominate a  provider or facility is to utilize the “apply to become a member” functionality on the “For Providers” page of this website.  Nominations can also be emailed to or called into FPN’s Provider Relations Department at (480) 607-0222.


How can I determine if changes/updates that I submitted have been made to the FPN provider directory?


The easiest way to determine if the changes/updates have been made is to perform a “provider search” on this website.  Please navigate to the “Find a Provider” page and run a search for the provider.  FPN updates its website on the 15th and the last day of the month.  Please note that although your changes/updates will be immediately made in the FPN internal system, they may not immediately appear on the website.


Where do I submit a completed provider agreement packet?


Please send the application, agreement and all other requested information to:



16845 N. 29th Ave., Suite 7

Phoenix, AZ  85053         

Via Fax:         (480) 223-6373

          Via Email:       Scan and send to “”


Is FPN a Medicare Health Plan?


No, FPN is not a national Medicare health plan.


Is FPN a "medical discount card" program?


No, FPN is not a medical discount card program and does not participate in any discount card programs.